What we're about

Empowering makers and building relationships, one craft at a time.
Meeting makers where they are with a variety of skill levels, materials, and functionality.

Blanket Ladder DIY Workshop

This is about you.

Making objects is an extension of yourself in the world. It's a definition of a piece of you, a physical representation of the creativity that exists in your mind.

And your friends.

We develop projects for all skill levels, whether your friends are making you do this, or you have literally tried everything.

Macrame DIY Workshop Baltimore

On Practice

Practice makes proficiency, not perfection. We're here to support your practice, and to help you build your skills, so you can take what you've learned and make it your own.

On being green

We encourage green practice by facilitating tool sharing and by repurposing as much as possible. We help minimize waste by providing only the materials that you need.

We're Amy & Mary

We make cool stuff together, that's our thing. We have been doing it for years, and we developed Maker Practice to get others in on the fun too. We both feel connected to ourselves and our Maker when we are giving our maker practice its due time.

Amy is a chronic organizer and master of all things home. Here at Maker Practice, she uses her talent as a writer to develop content and instructions for all our projects.

Mary is an accomplished quilter, but can't seem to pick just one hobby. She directs the creative development in the studio, always seeking to set the newest trend and bring unique and approachable projects to our makers.

They both thank their families for all the inspiration and their support in this endeavor.

And yes, we did cut a wooden ribbon with a reciprocating saw at our grand opening. The ribbon was made of scrap wood from our tables, all of which we built ourselves.