We love workshops for lots of reasons: we get to watch our makers work through the same project, but produce completely different results; we get to empower our makers through the process of learning and practicing a new skill; we get to see makers walk out with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. That's a solid collection of gold stars!

As 2019 rolls on, Mary and I are working on adding more workshops. We know you like to make a date to make something special. We've been adding second nights to particularly popular offerings, giving you more chances to get your craft on. And, last but not least, we're rolling out MP Kids, workshops for makers age 8 and up, accompanied by an adult. Our objective with MP Kids is to empower future makers while strengthening their connections to their loved ones. Making beautiful, useful crafts is a great way to spend quality time together. It's the heart and soul of Maker Practice, as far as Mary and I are concerned.

So, on to the calendar:

I'm most looking forward to the paper cutting workshop. The results are gorgeous, and it's a scalable skill you can build on, which is the kind of craft I like to practice. Mary will teach the basics and send you on your way with tools and patterns to keep practicing.

Whew, that's a lot to choose from! You are keeping us busy, and we love it! Thanks for supporting our small business dreams of spreading the love and empowerment that comes from making beautiful, useful crafts.

Happy Making, Amy