Workshop Wednesday

My personal inspiration for Workshop Wednesday comes from Mary's dining room table. One crafternoon, she asked if I'd help her build it. I couldn't believe how fast it went together, and the finished project was gorgeous: minimalist, clean, and bright. I thought about that table for a few months and I decided I wanted to build one, too. Mary helped me with designing, cutting the wood, and putting it together.
All our Workshops work that way: we've found a skill we want to share with a small group. Workshops allow us to do a deep dive into a specific skill. Sometimes you want to do it yourself, and with the help of your talented friends, you can do more. We figured if we could set up our workshops as more of a practice session where you can make something and take your new skill home for future projects, we could pass on lots more of great craft techniques and ideas on a smaller scale in addition to our six craft kits.
We started thinking about what types of workshops we wanted to offer. Some were no brainers, because they are things we love doing and we wanted to share those skills with other interested makers. Others came from experiencing other artists' work and wanting them to share and showcase their talents. Some came from our desire to be part of the Catonsville community and shine a light on other local businesses, working on collaborations that highlight their unique offerings.
We’ve got lots of holiday-themed workshops on tap in the next few months, and when winter rolls around we’ll offer more skill-building choices. You can see our current offerings under the Book Online tab on our website.
Our Workshops will be an eclectic mix of things, but they’ll all share the Maker Practice experience: making amazing handmade crafts with your friends!
Happy Making,