Wood: Legacy Boxes

I love to organize stuff. Maybe I've mentioned that a few (dozen) times. When I was taking the cabinets out of my kitchen in 2016, I think a lot of my friends thought I was nuts because open shelving would require me to keep an organized kitchen. I'm still loving the look, and I haven't regretted the decision for a minute.
At Mary's house, I'm always up for an organizational project, or just one where I get to move stuff around. In her sewing area, I helped her choose and hang shelves and boxes to achieve the look she imagined, and the results are useful and beautiful.
In the spirit of decorative organization, we give you the Legacy Box, our Wood craft for Winter. Make not just one, but two gorgeous boxes for $55. With our design, we focused on making something all-purpose and dead useful. We decided to offer a wood you can stain to customize for your home. Choose your stain wisely: we're calling this the Legacy Box, because you're going to have it forever, and probably pass it down for generations to come.
We decided to rate this craft as a Maker on the Practice to Pro Scale, because our last Wood craft, the Art Display Set, was pretty simple. The Legacy Boxes called for a tool upgrade. We put away the hammer and broke out the nailer. It's fun and easy to use, making this craft very popular thus far. We decided to add a monogram for extra customization and more Maker-level fun!
One of the keys of the testing phase is making our directions as efficient and straight-forward as possible. We decided to have makers stain before construction; however, you don't need to stain everything; we include specifics to save time and to allow wood glue to adhere.
These boxes are looking forward to holding your goods. Even with my extreme love of organizing, I'm sure I couldn't come up with all the ways you could use these in your home. And since you're making two, you might consider giving one as a gift. We're kind of loving the idea of using them to carry tasty treats and drinkables. Sounds like a delicious plan to me!
Happy Making,