Wood: Accessible to Every Maker

When I was a kid, I’d watch my parents engage with household projects weekend-warrior-style, and I was always game to be an assistant. I’m thankful for their willingness to let me “help.” Their patience takes on a new dimension when I think of it as a parent.
Mary definitely learned the same way. Whenever she is with her dad, they do a project together: kitchen remodeling, creating furniture, building out their respective workshops. Between the two of them, they have quite the portfolio.
We know that learning new skills can be daunting, but in our experience, it's exciting and empowering. We wanted to make woodworking just like any Maker Practice project: accessible. That’s why we chose the Art Display Set for our first Wood project. It’s approachable, even for Maker Virgins and Rookies.
The design for these displays is minimalist by intention, as it sets the stage for the art displayed on them to shine. Once again, though, our makers have surprised us, using the customization station to create their own flair with the display set, adding color in new and interesting ways.
Because we wanted our first wood project to be approachable, we focus on simple directions and skills. When writing the directions, we did our best to make them short, sweet, and to the point. Maybe this will be the first time you’ve properly “built” something, rather than putting Lego or IKEA pieces together. We hope doing so will help you build confidence.
When we’re testing projects, especially the ones we’ve rated Maker Virgin or Rookie, we take extra care to put the steps in the right order for the best result. Staining or painting before building makes the finished project look better. We learned this the hard way!
We love this simple display because it lets artwork do the talking while still being more interesting than a standard frame. I’m looking forward to using mine to display the never-ending supply of fridge-worthy masterpieces my kiddos produce. I envision using them for my own art someday, when I finally get the hang of brushstroke calligraphy.
Happy Making,