Winter Craft Reveal

After eight weeks of designing, sourcing, testing, and thoroughly preparing every detail, Winter Crafts will arrive on November 1 at Maker Practice. I'm sorry/not sorry for using the W word before Halloween, because these crafts are ready to party like it's December 24!
Leather: Essential Accessories: Wallet / Earrings
Make 2 wallets OR 4 pairs of earrings OR 1 wallet and 2 pairs of earrings for $50.
Practice to Pro Rating: Maker Rookie
Time: 1:30-2 hours
Skills: tracing, cutting, leather punching, using jewelry findings, setting eyelets
As I mentioned last week, the Winter crafts are all about gifting, and Leather is a perfect example. We have 5 styles to choose from with the earrings, bead and leather color choices to make, and different stitch options for the wallets. Keep one for yourself and gift away!
Home Style: Mod Lamp Duo
Make 2 lamps for $60
Practice to Pro Rating: Maker
Time: 2 hours
Skills: staining, drilling, measuring, gluing, hammering
From a clock to another useful home object, only this time multiply by two: make two lamps, a perfect pairing for a mantle, or make one and gift one. Challenge yourself with this Maker craft!
Wood: Legacy Boxes
Make 2 boxes for $55
Practice to Pro Rating: Maker
Time: 1-2 hours
Skills: staining, using a nailer, stenciling
Make a pair of gorgeous, dead useful wood boxes, perfect for storing holiday treats, and pretty much anything else. A great size and shape, this box is ready for customizing to fit in anywhere. Add a monogram for your home or a friend.
Repurpose: All Purpose Organizer
Make an organizer for $45
Practice to Pro Scale: Maker Virgin
Time: 1-1:30 hours
Skills: gluing, painting or staining
More gift opportunity: turn a picture frame into an organizer, for jewelry, front door odds and ends, or pet items. Perhaps you've seen these around before and, like me, wanted to make your own. It makes a great gift, or you can customize it and keep for yourself! Ours features pegboard, which is definitely having a moment.
Homegrown: Mini Board Signs
Make 4 signs for $40
Practice to Pro Scale: Maker Virgin
Time: 1 to 2 hours
Skills: cutting, staining, stenciling, gluing
In the categories of multiples, giftables, and highly usable, we offer our Homegrown craft. Everyone keeps asking us if you can make signs with us, so we thought we'd go one better and let you make four. Perfect for the holidays, we've got a set of four board sign ornaments you can customize with the state of your choice.
Seasonal: Trenchant Tea Towels
Make 4 towels for $45
Practice to Pro Scale: Maker Virgin
Time: 1 hour
Skills: stenciling, stamping, painting
Mary and I offer a taste of our wacky sense of humor, which we hope you'll like, too: a set of four tea towels to adorn using our fabric paints and custom stamps, designed and made by Mary just for our makers. With four awesome stamps to choose from, it might be tough parting with these!
We're so excited to share our new crafts with you, makers! Join us on Friday, November 2, at Maker Practice for our new crafts launch party. I'll be telling you more about each craft in the weeks to come, including details about the inspiration, design, testing, and sourcing behind the crafts. We hope you will love making Maker Practice's Winter Crafts as much as we do!
Happy Making,