Weaving Beyond the Basics

For my birthday this year, I treated myself to Kristen Thompson's Intro to Weaving class at Maker Practice. Kristen, the gifted artist behind Birch Bloom Designs, provided an excellent primer, including an overview of the vocabulary, the tools, and the bread and butter stitches. She focused on creating maximum impact with a few simple techniques by providing a variety of yarn textures. My finished piece turned out great and it's hanging in my dining room.


I started my second piece with an interest in adding more texture and also focusing on improving on my personal technique by doing lots of tabby using my warp thread. I love the colors of this piece, inspired by my daughter's current favorite hue, yellow, and the great finds I picked up at Scrap Bmore. I learned a lot about finishing from this piece, remembering my mom's instructions about cross-stitch when I was a girl: the best stitchers are neat on the back as well as the front! Yeah...only look at this guy from the front, please. But, with practice comes proficiency, and I was inspired to try my hand at another piece almost immediately, integrating what I'd learned.


With a Michael's yarn sale as inspo, I dove into my third piece using lots of blues in myriad textures, focused on building my practice. I started with the basics from Kristen's class for a solid construction, and then advanced into practicing new stitches, including twill, chevron, and braid-look twining. My final addition was a diamond pattern, which required lots of mathematical thinking, which, with great understatement, is not my forte. I customized a pattern and used that as a guide to boss my way through that part of the piece with confidence. 

Based on this experience, I'm going to teach an Intermediate Weaving Workshop.  Mary encouraged me to develop my maker practices so I can start teaching workshops, and I'm so thankful for her support, inspiration, and gold stars. She's been the workshop master thus far because she's the resident Maker Pro and the creative director: Mary knows her stuff. In other words, she's the best. And if she thinks I have what it takes to teach this class, then that makes me feel amazing. Yay for gold stars! 

 Happy making, Amy