We do Corporate Events Differently

The idea for Maker Practice came from our love of inspiring each other to try new things, challenging each other, and flexing our creativity. Our six crafts represent a variety of skill levels, techniques, and materials, because we believe in offering lots of choices. Every maker is different, and every finished product should be, too.
One part of the experience shouldn’t be different though: every person who makes at Maker Practice should feel a sense of empowerment and accomplishment when done with a project. Hence, we offer a variety of skill levels and materials. We want everyone to have fun and feel great when they walk out the door with something useful and beautiful that they’ve made with their own two hands.
That’s why we’re so excited to offer our space to team building events. Imagine everyone on your team walking out the door, energized, empowered and entertained.
We do corporate events differently. The four aspects of Maker Practice lend themselves to team building, too.
Providing Differentiation
Each member of your team can select a different craft, based on their personal crafting experience, comfort and confidence levels. At Maker Practice, we offer six crafts of varying skill and difficulty, and not everyone in a party has to make the same thing.
Allowing Customization
All our crafts offer a means for the maker to make it his or her own. Vary the paint, stain, fabric, paper, leather—the options allow each maker to walk out with a useful and beautiful object, ready to fit into that maker’s home or office.
Empowering Every Visitor
Our directions lead each maker through a self-directed process. Our Maker Assistants are here to assist if desired, but each member of your team can guide themselves, building confidence while trying new things and challenging themselves.
Celebrating Achievement
When your team is finished, each member will be invited to sign our Maker Wall in pencil. We’ll come back and wood burn it, leaving a lasting impression of your team’s experience with us. Take pictures to share and remember your empowering and team-building trip to Maker Practice.
Looking for a great place to host your holiday party? Maker Practice would love to host you! Your team will love making our next round of crafts, debuting November first.
Happy Making,