The Go-Anywhere Minimalist Tote

Mary, an accomplished seamstress to say the least, is a master bag maker. She has made and gifted me an amazing yoga bag with a bunch of interior pockets, a nautical-themed market tote, and an adorable snap-shut clutch perfect for inside any purse. Needless to say, a great bag was a perfect fit for our first Leather offering.
When designing the bag, our priority was letting the beauty of the leather shine. Clean lines, coordinating threads, and the perfect length straps make this the perfect bag for date night, toting a laptop to work, picking up a few essentials, loading up as a carry on...the possibilities are endless.
To create the bag, we focused on using the right tools to make our finished product look professional. We love leather and it was definitely one of our bucket-list crafts. The number of tools required for the bag, not to mention purchasing a cow hide, place it a bit outside the realm of possibility for the average craft-enthusiast. Sharing the tools and using them for multiple projects makes it possible for Maker Practice.
Sourcing for this bag took us an hour west to Ft. Frederick for the annual spring Sutler Fair. Among the colonial re-enactors, we admired skilled seamstresses, map makers, bakers, iron workers, jewelry makers, and lots of other artisans. We spent a lovely hour looking through hides to choose four to take home with us, which was our first major materials purchase for Maker Practice. Mary’s boys gave up the stroller so we could push our new baby back to the car!
The simplicity of the minimalist tote makes it so versatile; this bag can go anywhere and do anything with anyone. I’m a big fan of carrying multiple bags when I go out, so I only have to carry the things I need at each stop on my journey. I can’t wait to get my bag out of the front window, where it will be until November 1. I’ve got big plans for it!
Happy Making,