Take a Tour of Maker Practice

When guests walk in the door at Maker Practice, we hope they are ready to make something amazing! Since we’ve opened, we’ve had so many visitors ask questions about who we are and what we do. Without further ado, we present our all-access backstage pass studio-360 tour.
Our studio is clean, bright, and open, a place where you can see your art take shape and focus on the making. We’ve divided our studio into zones: celebration, selection, making, customizing.
The Maker Wall, which you’ll see right when you walk in, is all about celebrating. It’s the place where you leave your mark on Maker Practice: after completing your project, sign the wall and take pics with your crew. We’ll come back and wood burn your name into the wall. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Maker Practice experience. We learn from our makers and we hope they’ll learn something, too. We are so happy that you were here we want to remember it, and when we look at the wall, we’ll think about what you’ve made and the experience we shared.
The next thing you’ll see is a shelf full of our current crafts. These samples are just that— they give you a taste of what your finished craft might look like, but they are in no way meant to be templates to copy. You’ll also see our Practice to Pro Scale, a place to rate your experience and confidence and figure out what you’d be most comfortable making. We’ve got a craft for every maker on the scale. An estimate for the time it will take you to make each craft, along with the skills involved, is included on our price list. Once you’ve taken in all this information, you can make your craft selection.
The majority of the studio is for making. Our tables, handmade by Mary and her friend Heather, who stood in for me while I was on what Mary likes to call my “forever vacation,” are one of our favorite parts of the studio.
Made from pre-loved lumber from Second Chance Inc. Baltimore, our tables are a great representation of what we’re all about: simple design; functional and useful objects; repurposing and reducing consumption; and a great place to gather with friends. And by the way, don't worry about being messy. We love that these tables will get more character as they live here in the studio, marked by paint, stain, exacto knives and sawdust. So pull up a stool and get comfortable.
At each table you’ll find a collection of good stuff to share, including paper towels, pencils, rulers, scissors, and three kinds of glue. We share our tools to build community and to cut consumption. You’ll also find a short message from us: we're happy to assist you with the directions or sample materials if you’d like us to; we’re trying to conserve our materials; and we want you to make yourself at home, so we’ll take care of clean up for you.
To make your craft your own, there is one more place to know about in the studio: the customize station. We’ve got a collection of items to share: paints, stains, chalk paints, papers, fabrics, and a big collection of frames to choose from. With each craft, we’ve taken pains to think of ways each maker can add, subtract, or substitute to walk out with a finished product that represents her personality.
So that’s Maker Practice, the original craft night in Baltimore: a space where you can make an amazing craft with your friends, a craft you’ve selected, customized, made, and celebrated!
Happy Making,