String Art

What makes a new craft special to me is how 10 people can make it and no two will look even remotely the same. One of my favorite things about seeing a group finish, other than their sense of accomplishment and empowerment, is checking out what they've made to see how they've made each craft look unique and amazing.

String Art is just fun. It's loud, colorful, and interesting to make and to look at when it's done. We've done quite a bit of it for special events around here over the last few months, most memorably with a special night hosted by local bloggers. The photo of those makers with their finished work emphasizes how even a craft that seems scripted from the directions can turn into something individual based on the choices makers make to customize with string color, paint or stain, and the density of stringing.

Mary will be changing out the patterns every now and then. We have quite a few available, more than we've had time to make samples of. We've got the state of Maryland outline, the wreath, which is fun for spring, a wintery snowflake, a mountain scene, and a monogram initial with sprigs underneath. Mary used her beautiful hand-lettering skills to create the initial alphabet and the flourish that goes beneath it. More custom magic made by Mary!

In our tests, we came up with what we think is a great way to reuse our patterns, creating less waste, while also making it easier to follow the pattern for the stringing portion of the process. We're excited to see how this plays out.

Mostly, we're just excited for you to make the new crafts we've prepared for you!

Happy Making,