Resin Pouring

Resin Pouring is fast becoming one of our favorites. A project that Mary tackled years ago, it's having a moment here in the studio and out in the world, as makers pour geode coasters, serving boards, river tables, live edges, and pretty much anything they can dream up.


Resin pouring, which relies on a chemical reaction, requires research. As with any maker practice, we started at the beginning: drawing from our own experiences, watching tutorials, reading up on materials, comparing projects, until we had a foundation of information to draw from as we moved on to the fun part.


The fun part is, of course, making our own! Mary started with geode coasters. While she was perfecting her technique and getting her materials set up just right, our employee, Tim, was hard at work on his own pour, experimenting with the goal of a Chesapeake Bay serving board, complete with crab and sailboat details in mind. Our creations have been inspiring to each other and helped us build new ideas for next level projects we'll be working on for awhile, as we practice our nascent skills into proficiency.


Building our resin pouring maker practice has reaffirmed so much of what we love about crafting together. Sharing ideas and experiences makes crafting meaningful; our shared successes build confidence and our shared failures create moments for reassuring and encouraging one another. We look forward to sharing this new maker practice with you in our upcoming Resin workshops.


Happy Making,