Our Beliefs = Value Added

Our beliefs include elements that make Maker Practice unique and add value for our makers.
Handmade is an extension and definition of the self in the world
So many times, we give ourselves a hard time for “not getting anything done.” Wouldn’t it be great to share an experience with friends and get stuff done at the same time? Maker Practice is an experience to share with friends: a morning, afternoon, or evening spent making something amazing. Walk out with the sense of accomplishment of using time wisely, feeding your friendships with zero guilt.
Practice makes Proficiency, not Perfection
At Maker Practice, we’re fighting the tyranny of perfection produced by social media. If you look at our Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ll see that we post pretty pictures, but they are definitely not what anyone would call technically perfect. I have a phone from the Dark Ages, and my camera is a joke. It drives Mary nuts, but it’s what I’ve got, so I use it anyway. I’m doing the best I can with the resources available.
That’s what crafting is all about for us: trying new things, doing the best we can, taking time to do it right, failing anyway, and trying again. It may not actually take 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill, but the sentiment that a thing worth doing is a thing worth practicing rings true for Maker Practice.
We hope our space empowers people to try new things and feel great about the results, regardless of what they look like. You could add the following maxims to the collection we live by: "We only regret the chances we don’t take," and "your fear is the most boring thing about you." The first quote came from a Dove chocolate, and I’m pretty sure the second is from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic.
Minimize waste by providing only the materials Makers need
We’ve already shared a bit of our green philosophy in an earlier blog post, but it bears repeating that when we share the tools with you, we’re reducing waste. You get to try a cool new project that would require you to buy a bunch of tools without having to buy the tools!
Encourage green practice through upcycle/recycle/flip
In addition, we’ve thought about passing on different techniques for saving stuff you might otherwise donate. Our thinking is, if you were planning on donating it anyway, it might be worth it to try something with it, particularly if it means you’ll give the object new life.
Teach the mindset, build the skills of a Maker
With the design for each craft, we’ve considered the skills and techniques that will go into making something different, beautiful, useful, and fun to make. When you come to Maker Practice, we want you to leave feeling empowered for several reasons. First, we want you to be energized by time well spent with your friends. Crafting with friends is why we started Maker Practice in the first place!
We also want you to feel empowered by what you just made. Maybe you tried something new, maybe you made something you didn’t think you could, maybe you made something that you are excited to use. We hope it’s all of the above! And because practice makes proficiency, not perfection, we hope you’ll feel great about what you made because you made it.
Happy Making!