One Last Project in the Studio

We've been working towards a giant resin pour for months: a river pour dining table. The dimensions are 3' x 5'.

Because we love using what we've got, we'll be building the frame for the pour using the table top Mary bought for our work table back in January, along with other recycled boards, plus an acrylic base.

Our employee Tim is working with us on this project. He has a scientist's approach for figuring out how various materials work with resin and how to get the most professional results from his projects, through small-scale tests and mini-projects.

Today, Mary and I are setting up the frame and placing the prepared wood in the frame. Later this week, we'll be starting the pours. We're using catalpa wood, sometimes referred to as the cigar tree, and a series of thin pours with one of our heavier-duty, quick-set resins. 

Of the many large scale projects we've undertaken, resin has yielded some of our favorite results. We've got a selection of walnut serving boards for sale here in the studio right now, and we'll be hosting one last Resin Pour over Wood workshop on June 22. 

Happy Making! Amy