Office Space

Portrait of the studio in use: the front table covered in samples of alcohol ink coasters, including white tiles, tapes, spray bottles of ink; the third table loaded with gorgeous paint pours, all propped up on little cups; the back table piled with lumber: 2x4s, scrap pieces from old drawers, deconstructed shelves. 


For the past few weeks, as we've been pouring resin, making our own alcohol inks, building side tables, and paint pouring, we realized that, with the upcoming launch of our At Home experience, we could really use some personal office space. It's amazing how, in a studio filled with tables, having a table of our own became a thing we truly needed.


Yesterday, on our "weekend," I brought in two wall cabinets I've been using as inadequate bedside tables in my guest room since my kitchen remodel, along with two repainted book cases we've been using in our basement for Legos and toys. Mary met me here at the studio, we moved all this out of my car and drove to Home Depot for a giant slab of MDF. That afternoon, using all these wacky pieces, Mary built a unified, clean, classic office space just for us. Afterwards, she ran out to Planet Aid and bought a pair of chairs we saw on Saturday. She recovered them and repainted the arms.


That's how we like to do things: we get an idea, shop around a bit to figure out just what we want, look at what we've already got, and turn it into something new and magical. Upcycling makes us feel great, knowing we've given new life to something instead of sending it to the landfill. It also makes us feel great to know we didn't buy anything new.


Now, this Tuesday morning, I'm sitting in my new office chair at my new desk, crushing the boss game with Mary sitting one seat over. It feels great to be able to unpack my work bag into my desk: my bags of charger cords and Rocketbook pens have a home now. All we're missing is a pic or two of our families and a couple of pen cups.


Happy Making,