New Studios

As we prep to close our space on Frederick Rd, we're prepping new spaces: our in-home studios just got a lot bigger. Mary and I are moving all the bits and pieces from Maker Practice to two locations: my house, where we'll have our fulfillment center, and Mary's house, which, as the basement where it all started, will continue to be our creative lab. 


We've had a request for a video that reviews our organization of in-home craft space, and that will be coming soon...just as soon as I get that fulfillment center organized! It's starting off with one of our own Maker Practice tables, a wall of peg board, and lots of boxes. Soon, it will be ready for business, with custom shelving and other organizational pieces to maximize the space for our needs. As far as organization goes, I know we're organized because we were able to move the majority of our storage space in one trip.


Our next steps won't just be in our own studios, they will be in yours, as we offer in-home parties and pop-ups to compliment our online store. We'll be bringing the experience to you, with all our fave tools and materials and directions. We're prepping a future corporate event as we speak, selecting a custom list of projects to take on the road, and getting packed up with plenty of customizing options.


As far as pop-ups go, we're looking forward to continuing to host some of our favorite workshops in multiple locations: keep an eye out and an ear open for live wreath making, resin pouring, paint pouring, hand lettering, paper cutting, and lap loom weaving.


We're excited for our new phase, with so many great ways to serve our makers outside the box of our studio.

Happy Making, Amy