New Crafts Coming Soon

Wow, the last three months have been an absolute blur, from the middle of fall, to Christmas, to a new year, and what a new year it's been: we've rearranged the studio, gone to reservations only, announced the addition of MP Kids workshops, hosted hand letterers and blanket ladder makers and paint pourers...I can't believe it's almost time to announce the new line of crafts, but we're excited and ready to show it off!
This line up is all about giving you, dear maker, options, options, options. We want you to have tons of choices when you come to make our signature studio crafts! We're expanding from 6 to 9 crafts. The idea is that we'll change things up in a more organic way moving forward: we'll stock crafts for a bit to see what sticks, then add and subtract as the months come and go.
From the first batch of crafts, we're bringing back three favorites and adding new twists: beautiful new patterns, an easier process, and new design options.
From the current batch, we're keeping a few crafts, too. Of course we wouldn't take away Legacy Boxes. We know you love using that nailer, so we wouldn't dream of taking it away. Our new tea towel stamps are puntastically hilarious and highly giftable. And the earrings are so fun, we wanted to keep them around, too.
So on to the new stuff: Mary and I just can't get enough of our Kentucky leather, and our new leather offerings (all four of them!) are going to knock your socks off!
We're also adding a fave from a special workshop that lots of folks have found appealing, and Mary's making three amazing designs for you!
And, while we're at it, we're throwing in a craft we think men will especially enjoy, though it's going to be a great addition to any beer drinker's kitchen or patio.
Moving forward, watch for lots more seasonal workshops. Mary said something so great the other day: "People say to me, 'I can't do that,' or they say, 'you can do it because it's just easy for you.' I don't buy that. I've practiced a lot." To me, that's what Maker Practice is all about: we're here to support your practice. There are lots of entry points, so peruse, make a reservation, and come in confident that you can.
Happy Making,