Mod Clock: Functional and Fun to Make

One of our employees asked me the other day what my craft is. My answer? Organizing my house. Since 2008 I’ve had at least one project in the works. Nowhere is this more evident than in the TV room/office/guest room/music room, where we’ve had four paint colors that I can remember.
That doesn’t mean I’m constantly buying new things. In that perennially-changing room of ours, I’ve been recycling, repurposing, shopping my house, moving furniture and organizational tools, etc. My aim in all this? Finding the most efficient and useful application for every space in my home.
Enter the Home Style line of crafts: “Your own handiwork on display through useful objects in your home.” The operative word is “useful.” When space is at a premium, objects should be useful as well as beautiful, and if they can serve more than one purpose, that’s even better. For our first offering in this line, a clock appealed to me because it fits that bill: functional, interesting, and fun to make.
The design for this clock, which we call "mod," lends itself to customization. One of my favorite things about Maker Practice has been seeing what our makers do with the tools we give them. Every clock has been a unique work of art, completely different from what we imagined. That makes us so happy!
For the clock face, we focus on using careful and accurate measurement to make the finished product look clean and polished. Our instruction sheet includes lots of details to help makers create a clock that lets their artistic choices shine.
When we’re sourcing materials, we research companies that offer the best quality and the most customization options to our makers. Our clock mechanisms carry the Made in the USA label.
Mary’s house was the perfect stage for the finished shot of our mod clock: it fit right in on her mantle with a few objects we gathered from around the room. The resulting vignette was a bit more romantic than I would have guessed a mod clock could be. And that's what I love about this deceptively simple design: based on how you customize this clock, it would fit in anywhere. Bring your creativity and take home an object that is useful and fits beautifully in your home.
Happy Making,