Mini Board Signs

Mary's from Minnesota and has lived in Nebraska, Georgia, and Maryland. At least, those are the ones I can remember; there might be more. I'm an Ohio girl, and my basement is full of The Ohio State University paraphernalia to prove it. Although I've pretty much broken up with college football, my husband has definitely not.
I'm trying to make the not-so-subtle state transition with the help of the inlaid-wood-look Maryland flag hubs made on our grand opening night at Maker Practice. Terah Bull Designs, who visited Maker Practice in September, gifted me an awesome Catonsville, MD location sign and that's helping, too.
Lots of people have been asking Mary and I if we do signs. Of course we have to put our own spin on things, so we decided to make our signs twee and tiny. Our design focused on getting the perfect proportions to these diminutive beauties.
Because we wanted our most giftable crafts to be accessible for everyone, these signs are rated Maker Virgin on the Practice to Pro Scale. If you can use glue and scissors and follow directions, you can make these adorable signs. While you're at it, pick up a few tips for proper staining and stippling technique.
While testing this craft, we focused on the proper steps to achieve great results every time and ways to make the craft fun for everyone. While we toyed with using the drill to attach the string, we decided that was over kill. Sometimes simplicity is just what you need throughout a craft to get the result you're looking for.
In the spirit of celebrating wherever you were Homegrown, we offer this as a set of 4 Mini Board Signs for $40. Perfect for gifting...or making to celebrate your favorite locations. I'm making Vermont (home of our amazing Lake Champlain chocolates) and North Carolina (North Topsail Island forever) in addition to Ohio and Maryland. Will it be all Maryland for you, or will you mix it up?
Happy Making,