Meet our Employees

Mary and I spend a lot of our time here at the studio, but we value our work-life balance, and our beloved employees make it possible. We're excited to introduce this talented crew to you; their contributions enrich your studio experience and each of them brings their own talented craft experience to bear.


Tim has been with us from the beginning; he's a retiree who claims he works for Maker Practice to support his Harley habit, but Mary and I like to think it's because he likes us. And sharing his knowledge with our makers, of course. He impressed us with the laundry list of DIY and remodeling he's undertaken at his home, as well as his wood working projects. Lately, he's been designing and experimenting with ideas for custom resin pours, including an amazing scaled Chesapeake Bay serving board. A long time Catonsville resident, Tim can often be found "holding court" at Sam's Bagels. 


Kat started with us in November, right before Christmas. She impressed us with her miniatures. "The attention to detail allows me to see the rest of the world from a different perspective," Kat says. She uses that attention to detail and perspective as a photographer. Her business, Kat Forder Photography, serves families, pets, maternity, weddings, events, and children. She creates her own backdrops, which she sketches first and then makes. A native of Canada, Kat loves Ellicott City and even wrote a book about the second recovery, featuring stories of hope alongside her photography. She recently hosted Mary's son for a test of one of her backdrops with adorable results!


Emzi joined our team in January. Also a photographer, Emzi works in real estate and with animals 9 to 5, and reserves her nights and weekends for Maker Practice.  A lifelong crafter and Catonsville resident, Emzi has a variety of crafts under her belt, trying everything from building raised garden beds to making decorative candles.


Our last employee is the devoted MP Kids instructor, and she is more than qualified for the task. Emily is a Maryland certified art teacher who has a background in photography. She holds degrees from Maryland Institute College of Art and Towson University, including a Masters in Art Education. Emily has taught all ages of students, from toddlers to adults, and enjoys working with every age learner. She lives in Catonsville with her young family.


What do all these folks have in common? First of all, they're just lovely people. As if that wasn't enough, they believe in our mission of empowering makers and building relationships through making beautiful, useful, handmade crafts. They're here to support you as you build your maker practice.


Happy Making!