Making a Video

Maker Practice has entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest for 2019. Mary and I spent yesterday afternoon making a video about Maker Practice. Mary set up three cameras: our two phones and our shop's iPad. We have one tripod, and my phone went in that. So, how to set up the other two? Mary used a combination of wood, shop stools, and pencil cups to make it happen. We got out the microphone, opened GarageBand, and we were ready to go. We recorded the script in two takes, the first 7 minutes, and the second 4 minutes. Mary and I then took turns in front of and behind the camera, creating a few more clips. Finally, we dropped all that media onto Mary's laptop (12ish videos, 2 audio tracks, plus incidental footage around the shop), and headed to my house. 



Here's where Mary's magic comes into play. Last week, I gathered photos from our various cameras and dropped them into a Google drive. I also wrote a script for us and story boarded a little bit, so we'd have a rough sketch of what to put in our video. But, seriously, Mary made this video, because that's the kind of awesome she is: she knows how to do so many things that I would struggle with, and that's why we're such a great team. We can each contribute to the creative vision and to the technical production with what we have to offer. Mary crushed the technical part this time, and I'm in awe of her talent! 


With the video complete, Mary and I worked together to tweak our pitches from my draft, because, above all, we wanted our grant entry to emphasize that we are doing this whole Maker Practice thing for you, dear maker. We love what we do because of the reactions we get from you. Truly. Empowering you to try new things, and bringing you the most amazing, exciting projects is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It's our blessing and our privilege as well as our mission. We hope that our entry, both the video and explanations we wrote, convey that.

Thanks for your support of Maker Practice!
Happy Making, Amy