Maker Practice: The Philosophy

Back in Mary’s basement, our very first Crafternoon project was a set of Jesse Tree Ornaments: 24 felt Christmas tree ornaments, each an image depicting a story from the Bible. We had a few Pins we were working from with suggested images. With scissors, a glue gun, and a giant bag of felt scraps, we got to Making.
The process inspired a variety of results: some amazing pieces...and some that made us laugh out loud. Making a shell is easy. Making a ram is hard! I veered dangerously close to a Pinterest Fail with that one, but I had a ton of fun messing up. We’d laugh over our mistakes and try again, enjoying not just the process, but our time together.
Working together got us excited to try something else—I can’t remember what it was right now—but we put the ornaments aside when it became clear we weren’t going to finish them in time for Christmas. We came back to them about 10 months later, with countless Maker experiences in our toolkit; we knocked out what was left in about an hour.
Practice Makes proficiency, not perfection. “Proficiency” is “a high degree of competence or skill; expertise.” We believe that practice—Maker Practice—Makes proficiency, not perfection, and that’s what we prefer to strive toward. Perfection leaves no room for improvement; perfection allows no difference. We want you to be happy with what you Make, warts and all. Not everything we Make “looks like the picture.” Thank goodness for that! If we wanted carbon copies, we’d be shopping instead of Making beautiful, meaning-filled, handmade treasures.
Handmade is an extension and definition of the self in the world. Thinking about Making as an existential practice brings us joy and fills the experience with meaning. When we Make, we are creating a physical object. That physical object can be identified as an extension of the person who made it, herself. No two projects will be the same because no two Makers are the same. Thus, handmade objects define the Maker. The things we Make anchor us to the world, creating a physical representation of ourselves, our talents, and our creativity. Isn’t that worth sharing? Especially with people you love? We think so!
Our philosophy of Making hasn’t changed, it’s been refined into our mission: we’re committed to bringing you the most amazing Maker experience possible by giving you access to the best materials and the best techniques so you can Make something you’ll treasure!
Happy Making!