Maker Practice At Home

Our experience in the studio has been magical. We've met and worked with amazing makers, both virgins and pros. As they've made our signature crafts, we've watched them grow, expanding their maker practice, building on existing skills, and gaining new ones. 

Mary and I have been working towards this moment since January, and we're thrilled to announce Maker Practice At Home. There are four projects up, ready to be shipped to your door, including instructions, materials, and tools if you need them (we considered what crafters would already have at home). If you need a hammer, pliers, or glue, we've got that, on our Tools and Supplies page. We'll be adding lots in the weeks to come.

Because we value the ability to make our projects into your projects through customization, we're doing our best to include lots of choices to do just that. From paints to stains to string, we've got your color choices covered. You can select multiple customizations for your project.

We've also done our best to test and refine our directions. Some of us are visual; others learn by doing. Our directions take that into account. We'll also be adding YouTube videos, to demo support for different aspects of each project. And we're expanding our presence on Pinterest. We want to bring our makers content on multiple platforms to fit their needs. And give them ideas for next step projects with the new tools they've purchased!

I think the most fun part of this has been designing our packaging. When you receive a package, it's exciting! We wanted the experience of opening a box from Maker Practice to be just that: exciting. We want you to anticipate the pleasure of making something handmade and amazing. Our primary goals are to empower people and bring them together. Crafts and DIY projects are our medium of choice. Whether you're taking time for you or gathering friends to work together, we hope you'll love making with Maker Practice at Home.  

Happy Making, Amy