Made by Maker Practice

Mary and I make a lot of crafts. That's how we started Maker Practice: just making cool stuff in Mary's basement. In preparing for last weekend's MayFair, we decided to get out a few of our favorite projects and expand on a few that we'd had on the back burner. We made some cool stuff to sell in the studio.

We hosted an Intermediate Weaving Workshop last weekend, and we offered looms for sale. Mary and I made these from scratch using reclaimed material. It took a bit of time and love, and we're excited to sell them in the studio, including a very cute, limited-edition set of three tools: a fork, a needle, and a batten.

While she was making the forks, needles, and battens, Mary also put together an adorable pocket loom, including the same tools, just on a sweet, twee scale that I love! 

For our Resin Serving Board workshop, we had beautiful walnut left over and we do not like to waste a thing. Mary and I took an afternoon to pour them with resin, and while we love keeping and using most of what we make, we've both got enough serving boards for a caterer at this point, so we thought we'd sell those, too. 

On a recent visit to an Anne Arundel County miller, we picked up some crosscut cedar, which made the shop smell amazing. It presented quite a challenge: sanding, scraping bark, sanding some more, applying a smooth, lustrous coat of poly. The finished product? Four beautiful side or coffee tables, with black hairpin legs, ready for you to take home from the studio today. They were an absolute labor of love, coming in at around 18 hours of labor just for me, and I'm not even the maker pro, people. We can't wait for them to find a good home!

My favorite part of MayFair Maker's Market was talking to makers and hearing about their process. I know from the dabbling I do that each of their crafts is a labor of love, and their products are a tribute to the skill that comes from patient practice. The goods we've made also reflect our passion for sharing Maker Practice with you. We hope you will check out some of our Made by Maker Practice goods and consider giving them a good home!

Happy Making, Amy