Leather: Essential Accessories

Mary and I have been wearing and loving our leather earrings for the past couple months. When we were making our leather bags from giant hides of leather, we immediately realized we'd have lots left over to play with. In the spirit of using everything we buy, especially gorgeous Kentucky leather, we've got a whole slate of leather crafts planned to use it all. This round, earrings and wallets, we're calling Essential Accessories.
Making a cohesive collection of accessories that work together proved an easy task with the pallet of hide colors we have to work with. Our design process started with making these earrings and wallets simple, letting the leather shine. The body of this leather allows for beautiful drape and sturdy construction for accessories that will wear well despite constant use. Our earrings are trendy and versatile; our wallet is simple and crazy useful.
When constructing these accessories, the focus is on developing a couple new skills to finish the crafts, while relying on foundational skills to create the shapes that you'll piece together. If the bag felt like a bit too much for you to tackle, we hope the Essential Accessories will provide a less intimidating craft. We've rated this one as a Maker Rookie on the Practice to Pro Scale.
Our tests revealed some fun ways to customize, as we created pattern after pattern for the earrings. We decided on five after wearing them ourselves, making sure the size and weight would be comfortable while still making a statement. With the wallet, we tested a few patterns to settle on what we liked best: a great size for a handful of cards and bills, light and durable, and customizable with two different stitch options.
We're so excited to offer the Essential Accessories in multiples: make two wallets or four pairs of earrings or a wallet and two pairs of earrings for $50. Make one for yourself and gift the rest...or keep them all. We're not judging!
Happy Making,