Leather Clutch

Although our Kentucky leather has been with us since last spring's Sutler Fair at Ft. Frederick State Park, we're still in love and always looking for new, beautiful and functional pieces to make from it.


This go round, we're offering a clutch, and there are not enough superlatives for this bag: it's sleek, stylish, interesting, exciting, and, best of all, it's rated as a Maker Rookie on the Practice to Pro Scale.


Mary started the design for the bag with the classic envelope shape in mind. I pointed out that we had a few rivets left from our first leather project, the Minimalist Tote. Put those two ideas together and you've got our Leather Clutch. Mary added a strap at the perfect place to act as a handle and to close the bag. It's an ideal night-out bag, holding a phone, keys, and a handful of cards and cash with room to spare. 


As far as skills are concerned, we've devised a list of best practices for rivet setting. Understanding how rivets work is a good start to understanding how to set them for a professional result. It's a new skill to add to your practice!


When testing the template for the bag, we found that an extra bit of direction made all the difference for makers. Putting together the design, skill, and testing, the Clutch is an approachable, fun project that takes between 1 and 2 hours to make during a Studio Reservation.


We'll be keeping this bag, perfect for Spring, on our Signature Craft menu for the foreseeable future, as it's been one of our most popular new crafts. It's a great addition to your bag collection for grab-and-go spontaneity. Let's hope there's lots more of that in the near future!


Happy Making,