How to Use Maker Practice

Since we opened the studio in August, we've been doing our best to listen to you, dear makers, to find the best ways to serve you in the studio. We want everyone who visits to feel empowered through the creative process of making beautiful, useful handmade crafts.
When we envisioned Maker Practice, we thought we'd have a lot more people walking in off the street to make. That has happened, but not too often, and mostly just on the weekends. The vast majority of you are making reservations. That's why we're moving to reservations only.
Our new studio reservations are designed around all the different ways makers use the studio. We'll have three sittings each day: 1 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. On Sunday, we'll have 1 pm and 4 pm time slots. During those studio times, make one of our signature studio crafts. As I may have mentioned last week, we're adding more to the mix: starting on February 1, we'll have 10 crafts.
As part of the reservations-only scheme, we're also adding loads of workshops. Our workshops are a chance for us to focus on one project, skill, or process. They're also a chance for us to host other makers who can share their knowledge with you. The schedule for January includes blanket ladders, paint pouring, tabata and box making, and medal boards. In February, look for dip dyed canvas bags, our first ever MP Kids event, paper cutting, and intro to weaving. All these great workshops can be reserved on our Workshops page.
In addition to our workshops, we'll be adding special events, too: watch the calendar for Date Night, another Catonsville Ladies Night in February, and more.
There's one more way to use the studio. Did you know we rent our tables to makers who need some extra space? Let us know you're coming by emailing me: Then set up for an hour or two. We're open 10 am -4 pm daily for makers to reserve table space. The fee is $25 for a table. So far we've hosted an artist making lovely sea stone canvases, and a bouquet maker getting started on a custom wedding design.
As we change things up, we appreciate and welcome your feedback. We love our makers and we want you to be happy!
Happy Making,