Home Style: Mod Lamp Duo

I made my own lamps from copper piping I bought at Home Depot in the plumbing section. I cut the lengths, used curves to create a shape, and figured some crazy way to drill a hole at the base so I could put the cord end through. I even had to remove the switch from the cord. It's amazing what you can teach yourself watching YouTube. At the time, I chose copper, but I was also toying with a string option. We decided to pull that dream craft out for our second Home Style offering.
With the design for this lamp, we focused on making the crafting process fun and interesting for experienced makers. The pieces themselves are simple but when put together we think they make something very interesting, a conversation piece, one that will have guests asking, "Where did you get your amazing lamp?" How cool will it be to say, "I made it." It's all about delivery. Start practicing your nonchalance.
Installing a lamp kit is fun and easy; what gives this craft its Maker Practice to Pro Scale rating of Maker is the necessity of confidence. Putting these simple pieces together requires an experienced stain-job and precision during construction to create a professional result. It's a detail-oriented craft.
To turn our string lamp into something extra special, we decided not to use string. Our string samples fell short of our standards. We looked around the studio for inspiration and started playing with leftover burlap. Now we're big fans of this lamp. We love its unique design and the fact that it's helping us keep our green commitment to use all the materials we buy. And on to the best news yet: we're calling this craft the Mod Lamp Duo, because you get to make two! We're happy to offer this craft for $60, too, because when is the last time you bought two lamps for that price, except for maybe IKEA? (No disrespect, IKEA. You know I love you.)
You can of course gift one, but pairs of lamps like to play together in lots of fun places. Might we suggest the living room mantle, dining room buffet, or family room sofa table as perfect homes for these beauties? Don't forget bedside tables! Where will yours find their homes?
Happy Making,