Friendship as Creative Inspiration

Back in Mary’s basement during crafternoon, we were all about trying new things. I’d be on Pinterest, Mary’d be at a re-sell store, and inspiration would strike. When we’d get together, we were ready to try new techniques, materials, and ideas. We didn’t really make a list, we just got started making amazing things.
When I look back on the last year and a half or so, I am awestruck by the sheer number of projects we completed. When I’d come over to Mary’s she’d always have something new to show me: dip-dyed curtains, picture frames, a chalk painted chandelier; and I’d pull out my phone to show what I’d been up to: copper lamps, a spice rack, refinished end tables. Then we’d get to work on whatever we were making together: blanket ladders, rosettes for the Women’s March, painted stained glass. We managed to start and complete more than we ever would have on our own, fueled by our mutual creativity and the excitement generated by our productivity.
Now, we’re trying one giant, ambitious project after another, high-fiving ourselves into opening Maker Practice. We can’t believe there is only one month before we open! It's terrifying and exciting, but Mary and I make a great team. I credit our output to the power of our friendship: we inspire each other to try new things and to get stuff done like the bosses we are.
We hope that Maker Practice will be like that for you and your friends: a place to try new things, encourage each other, and have a great time doing it!
Happy Making!