Fall Decor Starring Leather

The last few years, fall decor options have exploded to meet demand for what I like to call “holiday escalation.” At the risk of sounding a little too get-off-my-lawn, seasonal decoration is way more serious these days than it was when I was a kid. I remember my mom getting one box out of storage around September 15th (disclaimer: if my memory is completely off on this, I'm sorry for misrepresenting your commitment to seasonal decorating, mom). These days I’m working with about three times that much and my friends are putting me to shame. In the hopes of upping my game, as well as satisfying our makers, Maker Practice offers a Seasonal line of crafts.
When creating our crafts, we have lots of priorities in mind: design, customization options, and our environmental impact, just to name a few. For our first offering in this line, we wanted to create a design that would look great all year long. With all our crafts, offering choice is important to us; the things Mary and I make don’t look the same, and we strive to offer our makers the same creative courtesy, through choices in materials or colors. We also knew we wanted to include crafts that would help us use all the materials we buy in an effort to be green and as a challenge to our creativity. With lots of leather left after cutting hides for the minimalist tote, we had one great texture and color palette. We added burlap as an interesting, seasonal counterpoint.
The tools required for our fall wreath are fundamental to many crafts, and offer makers an opportunity to keep practicing, moving toward mastery. The skill involved in this craft is perhaps the most artistic or subjective of all the crafts we’re offering right now, as makers play with leather to create their own bouquet.
Putting all these elements together —materials, tools, and skills—I made my sample wreath. I finished the bouquet and while it was lovely, Mary and I agreed something was missing. We ran through our options: add another color? Add ribbon? Add another shape? Mary picked up a thin scrap and started playing with it. A moment later, the finishing piece emerged: something unique to make the end result more polished and complete.
The seasonal decor I like best fits with the vibe of the space it’s going into and looks like it could live there all the time. Our fall wreath is a lovely size for indoor display, on a mirror, in the dining room or living room, in a hall or entry. Of course it can go on the front door, too! I’m looking forward to displaying mine in the dining room for Thanksgiving. We hope you’ll enjoy this elegant leather leaf bouquet for years to come.
Happy Making, Amy