Custom Crafts for Custom Events

Mary is one of those people who goes all in for a party theme, and when she goes all in on anything I tend to observe the epic results in awe, thinking/shouting stuff like “Behold!” and “Are you kidding?” and “Damn, that’s awesome.”
I had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower for Mary before her first son was born, which was really fun because I got to make a bunting from the super adorable prints Mary used to make a baby quilt. I did not go all in for a theme, because I was dealing with the master, but the bunting was pretty cute if I do say so myself.
Clearly, Mary and I love parties, and we’d love to host yours! It’s a great scenario for our customers: bring food and wine; we’ll provide a bright, gorgeous space to host your event where you won’t have to clean up after. And a beautiful, useful, handmade craft to remind your guests of their experience serves as both an activity and a party favor. The photos above are of ladies hand carving stamps for beautiful scarves. Imagine walking out of a party with something beautiful and useful you can wear all the time, reminding you of your awesome evening.
We’ll always have our six crafts available, but one of the appeals of working with parties is the opportunity to work with limited edition, small batch designs for even more amazing crafts. Mary has a stockpile of gorgeous crafts ready for parties of 15 or more. Baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthdays...we've got a craft for you.
This weekend is the perfect example. On Friday, we'll have two limited-edition crafts ready for Ladies Night Out in Catonsville. Watch our social media for a sneak peak later in the week.
Basically, we’re excited to share our space and make your craft dreams into reality. We’ve got this amazing space and all these awesome tools. All we need are some people to share this party!
Happy Making,