Building: Porch Couches

A couple weeks ago, Mary built a porch couch. I call it a porch couch because at my alma mater, Ohio University (and let's be real, probably every college campus), porch couches are serious business. This porch couch, however, will last much longer and undoubtedly smell a million times better. Mary calls it an outdoor sectional, a much classier and more apt moniker, as the design is comprised of two pieces: a corner and a side. 


Mary had a giant glass topped outdoor table on her back porch, and her family just wasn't using it. She wanted an outdoor living space, something comfortable that would make the porch more functional. "We use our living room most often, so having more living room space outside was the key." An outdoor sectional made much more sense than the table. Mary being Mary, she decided to build one for herself.
Versatility was key as a design feature; hence the sectional, which can be rearranged according to need. Mary also wanted something durable, because it will be outdoors and see lots of family use, including the kids playing on it with toys. Comfort goes hand in hand with versatility: "we can rearrange it to sit or lie down, and once it has cushions on it, it will be really cool."


Building it was fast and straight forward. It's a simple construction, Mary says, because "you're basically building the same piece over and over again." The design is comprised of two pieces: a side or a corner. We'd venture that this is a great starter project to those new to constructing furniture for that reason.


Mary's kids were her clean up crew. They won't be in studio, but I will be, and I'd love to clean up after you. So come make a porch couch/outdoor sectional with us!  
Happy Making, Amy