Bottle Opener

There are so many instances in which Mary just knows how to do stuff; as she's pointed out before, it's because she's practiced. She's used rare earth magnets on other projects. She put that knowledge to work when I suggested we make a bottle opener: after a quick trip to Home Depot for an opener and magnets, she just whipped one up with wood we had lying around. 

To make our bottle opener perfect for any back patio or kitchen, we decided on simplicity and customization, so you can make it just right for your home. We've got loads of stain colors, paints to choose from, and a collection of stencils: initials, state outlines, and, a new addition this round, a crab. 

As far as skills are concerned, the bottle opener requires the drill, two ways. The clock is a nice entry-level project for drill use. The bottle opener requires a bit more skill with the drill, and hence is rated on our Practice to Pro Scale as a Maker Rookie. 

Another reason for the higher rating: rare earth Neodymium magnets are no joke. If you have any concerns about pets or children, we'd recommend completing another project. Safety concerns aside, they provide a hidden, bonus feature to this project that is functional and fun to use. Cheers to science at work! We added two magnets to increase the catch area to keep caps off the floor. Next up: a craft with all your bottle caps? Start saving them, maybe...

When I make my bottle opener, I'm planning to put it on my back porch, a favorite hang out on evenings in spring, false spring, fake summer, real summer, third fall, and all those other wacky Maryland "seasons." With the right coat of stain and an "I" for Isler, it will be ready for action. So grab a bottle of Heavy Seas or Flying Dog or Union Craft or Catonsville Guinness and put your opener to work! Where will you use yours?

Cheers and Happy Making,