Being Green

Mary added swatches of tan for wood and green for plants as we chose colors for Maker Practice. We’re into natural elements as you can see by the natural wood featured in the Studio.
We’ve got big green plans for Maker Practice. We’re sourcing 100% post-consumer recycled paper products and compostable cups. From the reclaimed wood of the Maker tables, sourced from Second Chance in Baltimore, to the second-hand furniture in our waiting area, bought on Facebook Marketplace, we’ve done our best to give new life to previously-loved objects. Our favorite piece so far, our purple counter, started as a dresser from Salvation Army As-Is. A light sanding and a couple of coats of paint and we could not stop smiling.
We’re interested in bringing you a variety of upcycle techniques to turn the “junk” you’ve got sitting around your house into amazing new pieces you will love to display and use. Our Repurpose line features a series of uses for pre-loved picture frames. The t-shirts for sale in the store are what we call Reclaimed: they are all purchased at Planet Aid, and handpainted with love by us. Giving things to charity is great, and so is trying to give items a second life by making them useful in a different way.
The primary way we’re trying to pass on green practice to our Makers is by buying your materials and tools for you. When Mary and I painted stained glass, we were thrilled to be able to share the paints—it meant we could get more color variety, but it also meant we didn’t each have to buy a complete set of paints we would only use once. This time when we do stained glass, we can share our paints with an even bigger group, using up everything we buy. Better yet, in this iteration of the project, we figured out a way to mix glue with paint for the same results, so we avoid buying a one-use product.
Along those lines, as we’ve sourced and purchased new items, we’ve thought long and hard about how many we truly “need.” So heads up: there will be sharing in the Maker Studio. And we’re thrilled about that! We’re into building relationships while we craft. Sharing is a great way to build that community.
We’re committed to using everything we buy efficiently and passing that good feeling on to you: more beautiful craft, less waste to go with it.
Happy Making!