Behind the Scenes: Winter Crafts

We're two weeks away from the debut of the Winter Crafts, and we are beyond excited to tease the collection to our subscribers first! Like, jumping up and down and clapping and high-fiving all over town excited. It's getting awkward.
It’s almost time to retire the minimalist tote, mod clock, art display set, mixed-media faux stained glass, Maryland flag, and leather leaf wreath. If you've been waiting, get in here and make them, because in a week they'll be gone. While we’re sad to see them go, they’ve been a great first set of crafts, helping us learn so much about the process of preparing the best possible Maker Kits for you. And it has been an absolute joy watching people make these crafts their own!
So, on to the new crew. What have we got waiting in the wings for a November 1 debut?
There a few themes I'd like to mention. The first one is gifting. Here's why: five of our six new offerings feature multiples, as in make one to keep for yourself, plus make more to give as gifts. Or keep the whole set; we're not judging.
Another theme is hitting the pause button on a busy season. The next few months are going to be crazy. Take some much deserved me-time with your friends or family. Come, make some crafts and relax. But don't worry about committing a ton of time to refresh: the Winter Crafts do not take as long as the previous crew. We're talking 2 hours or less. That's a much-needed break from the crazy with an activity you enjoy in a period of time you can commit to.
One last theme I'd mention? Super useful. Yes, our first round was a useful crew, with three solely decorative items; this go round, with all the giftability of Winter Crafts, I think you'll be amazed at how many useful crafts you can make with us.
I can hear your concerns from here: "What is the difficulty like this season, Amy? If I'm making gifts, I want them to look good." I feel that. And I'm here to reassure you, makers. Whether you're a Maker Pro or sitting comfortably in the Maker Virgin category, we've got some very cool, accessible crafts for you.
We're calling our Leather offering Essential Accessories, and if you've been in studio lately, you've seen Mary and I modeling earrings from this new collection. Our Home Style craft is the challenging and gorgeous Mod Lamp Duo. For Wood, we're offering a set of monogrammed beauties we call Legacy Boxes. Make an All-Purpose Organizer from a Repurposed frame. Homegrown Mini-Board Signs, a set of four, will have you excited to make and gift. And our Seasonal craft? We can't even tell you about the pun-tastic Trenchant Tea Towels without laughing!
I can't wait for you to see the crafts next Tuesday. It's a useful, fun, and exciting collection of amazing crafts to make and gift and we can't wait for you to make them for yourself!
Happy Making,