Anachronisms & Puns & Tea Towels

I love Kate Beaton's comics Hark! A Vagrant! What's not to love about anachronism? Chivalric heroes who sound like Millennials talking about how they crushed it on the battle field? Hilarious. Medieval pipe players with the legend "This is my jam" makes me giggle for days.
Mary has been wanting to make something that says "Sleigh All Day" on it since last April, and her chance is finally here! Born of our shared love of anachronisms and ridiculous puns, we bring you our Seasonal craft: a set of four Trenchant Tea Towels for $48. We're pretty sure you're going to love them all year round.
In designing these tea towels, we wanted to give you a taste of our humor and I wanted to showcase what an amazing artist Mary truly is. We chose the sayings and the ideas together and then with her awesome drawing and design-rendering skills, she made them happen. What a capital-b Boss.
While the artistry that went into creating the stamps was a Maker Pro tour de force performance by Mary, the hard work is done now, so as long as you can use a stamp, you can make this set of towels. We rated it on the Practice to Pro Scale as a Maker Hopeful, mostly because you need a steady hand.
In testing, we decided that although we think all our designs are hilarious and awesome, we're always interested in making our crafts customizable, so we decided to add a stripe roller stamp. We're also throwing in the state stencils and the monogram stencils, too, so take some time to design just what you want before you get stamping, rolling, or stenciling.
With a set of four and lots of design choices, we're thinking it might be tough to decide which to gift and which to keep. I know I'm making the "Don't Hog the Nog" for my own kitchen. I can't even type it without laughing! But "I'm Dreaming of a Wine Christmas" will be perfect for my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. Who is on your nice list who'd love one of these towels?
Happy Making,