All-Purpose Organizer

Passing on organizing to the next generation is on-brand for me. I made a jewelry organizer for my niece Lexi for Christmas, to hold all her barrettes and hair ties. That was a few Christmases ago. A jewelry organizer isn't a new repurpose idea, but we wanted to make it fresh, so for our Winter Repurpose craft, we focused on design.
There are lots of organizers out there, and we decided to do ourselves a favor by calling this one an All-Purpose Organizer. There are lots of ways to use these useful frames, so we embraced that in the name.
As with the faux stained glass, this Repurpose craft is a bit on the easier side, rated on the Practice to Pro Scale as a Maker Virgin. Makers will use a variety of glues, some light drilling, and refinishing techniques to create this craft.
We tested a number of options for the organizer, and fell in love with pegboard. It's having a moment right now, and with good reason. If you're looking for something endlessly useful, look no further.
We can't help but note that it's one week til Christmas. Have someone hard to shop for on your list who already has everything? If you want to talk about a great gift, the All-Purpose Organizer has you covered. Where and how will the recipient of such a useful gift use it? The possibilities are endless: at work, in the home office, by the front door, in the garage, for doggo walk supplies, to display beautiful leather earrings? Just a couple of suggestions.
Happy Making,