A Surge of Creativity

Friends and Makers alike are asking Mary and me: how are you doing? Yes, we're feeling some sorrow for the end of our studio experience, but what we've mostly experienced is a surge of creativity.

Mary, how do you sew every second you're alive? She's non-stop right now (we just saw Hamilton, so sorry-not-sorry, that felt like a natural tie-in), finishing two quilts and crushing the apparel sewing game with adorable shorts, sleep sets, tops, a jumper...and a dress is in the works, too. Those are just the projects I know about. I wish we were together this morning like we normally are on Tuesdays, so I could ask her to drop me some of the great photos she's been taking. I'll throw out this one of me instead.

Yes, I have been sewing, too, and I feel super proud of myself for not asking Mary any questions while making this second copy of the Beatrix shirt from Made by Rae. I used mariner cloth from my very first trip to Domesticity with Mary (on a day about a month and a half ago when we decided retail therapy at small business would salve our souls). I love how it turned out and I feel a surge of confidence carrying me into my next project.  

Mary's on a day trip to a quilting exhibition at Lafayette College, featuring Chawne Kimber, an artist, activist, and Lafayette professor of mathematics, who uses her quilts as canvas. Her work is powerful, creative, and thoughtful. I'm excited for Mary to see the quilts up close, and to hear Kimber's talk, "When the Cotton is High: Social Justice and Textiles."

I wish I was on this trip, too! I'll console myself by prepping my next project: a 70s style maxi halter in glorious paisley, a gift from Mary. And I'll write to you, dear Maker, to tell you what we're up to, and that we appreciate you checking in. Yes, we're OK. We're loving the opportunity to practice our creativity, to play, and to use this down time to prep our next creative surge of Maker Practice. We're headed out into the world next week for some much needed vacation. We hope you are finding time to rest, relax, and recharge your creativity, too!

Happy Making! Amy