• Workshop Round Up

    We love workshops for lots of reasons, as I've outlined before, but this week we're especially loving workshops because we have so many super fun ones on the horizon!
  • Bottle Opener

    To make our bottle opener perfect for any back patio or kitchen, we decided on simplicity and customization, so you can make it just right for your home. We've got loads of stain colors, paints to choose from, and a collection of stencils: initials, state outlines, and, a new addition this round, a crab. 

  • String Art

    String Art is just fun. It's loud, colorful, and interesting to make and to look at when it's done. Even a craft that seems scripted from the directions can turn into something individual based on the choices makers make to customize with string color, paint or stain, and the density of stringing.
  • Spring Crafts Reveal

    With freezing temps and snow skirling around it's a great morning to celebrate something sunny: new crafts! Mary and I hope Maker Practice's new...
  • New Crafts Coming Soon

    I can't believe it's almost time to announce the new line of crafts, but we're excited and ready to show it off!
  • Workshops

    We love workshops for lots of reasons: we get to watch our makers work through the same project, but produce completely different results; we get t...
  • How to Use Maker Practice

    We want everyone who visits to feel empowered through the creative process of making beautiful, useful handmade crafts.

    Our new studio reservations are designed around all the different ways makers use the studio. We'll have three sittings each day: 1 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. On Sunday, we'll have 1 pm and 4 pm time slots. During those studio times, make one of our signature studio crafts.

  • Making Plans for 2019

    We opened on August 3, 2018, and in the last 4 months, we've learned so much from you and we're always making tweaks to improve and refine the Maker Practice experience. We're taking the opportunity of the change in the calendar to introduce changes that we hope you'll like, according to what we've heard from you.
  • All-Purpose Organizer

    There are lots of organizers out there, and we decided to do ourselves a favor by calling this one an All-Purpose Organizer. There are lots of ways to use these useful frames, so we embraced that in the name.
  • Mini Board Signs

    Because we wanted our most giftable crafts to be accessible for everyone, these signs are rated Maker Virgin on the Practice to Pro Scale. If you can use glue and scissors and follow directions, you can make these adorable signs. While you're at it, pick up a few tips for proper staining and stippling technique.
  • Anachronisms & Puns & Tea Towels

    Mary has been wanting to make something that says "Sleigh All Day" on it since last April, and her chance is finally here! Born of our shared love of anachronisms and ridiculous puns, we bring you our Seasonal craft: a set of four Trenchant Tea Towels for $48. We're pretty sure you're going to love them all year round.
  • Home Style: Mod Lamp Duo

    With the design for this lamp, we focused on making the crafting process fun and interesting for experienced makers. The pieces themselves are simple but when put together we think they make something very interesting, a conversation piece, one that will have guests asking, "Where did you get your amazing lamp?" How cool will it be to say, "I made it." It's all about delivery. Start practicing your nonchalance.